Betting On The NFL Playoffs In 2024

Once the 17-game regular season wraps up, betting on the NFL at 18 and up begins to really heat up because the winning team moves on and the losers go home. If you are under 21 and looking for the best online sportsbooks offering up NFL Playoff betting lines, the following guide has got you covered like Deion Sanders on a JV benchwarmer.

When it's time to enjoy some 18+ football betting online, there’s no need to fool around looking for the best NFL Playoff sportsbook sites that allow for 18+ betting on the National Football League’s postseason. Continue onward through this NFL Playoff betting playbook to learn about the best online sportsbook sites and also a trick or two for mastering the art of postseason football odds.

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Best 2024 Sportsbooks Offering NFL Betting Odds

All Sportsbooks Accept Players 18+ And Up

Sports SiteBonusRatingMin AgeUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $7504.8 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
2BetUS brand image125% up to $3,1254.7 18+GreenPlay Now Read Review
3MyBookie Sportsbook50% up to $1,0004.7 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review
4BetOnline Sportsbook & Casino50% Max $1,0004.5 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
5Xbet Sportsbook50% up to $5004.5 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review

Is It Legal To Make NFL Playoff Bets In The U.S. At 18 & Up?

Yes. Many states in the USA allow for legal NFL Playoff betting, but very few of them have laws that provide for 21 and under patrons to participate. Luckily for under-21 sports bettors in the United States, NFL Playoff gambling is allowed at offshore sportsbook sites like the ones featured in the table below.

There are no federal or state gambling laws that prohibit offshore under 21 gambling sites like the ones below from providing their NFL Playoff betting services to 18, 19, and 20-year-old customers over the web because the US has no governance over the jurisdictions they are operating out of.

How Do The NFL Playoffs Work?

Once the 18-week season is over, the top 7 teams from the AFC and the NFC will each compete in a 14-team NFL Playoff bracket. The top seed in each Conference will receive a bye week during the initial Wild Card Weekend while the other 6 seeds will face off for a chance to earn a spot in the Division Round.

The second week places the worst remaining seed against the #1 team in each Conference, while the remaining two teams make up the other Divisional NFL Playoff game. The winners of these four games advance to the AFC and NFC Championship Games, and those two winners will earn a spot in the big game allowing for 21 & under Super Bowl betting to commence.

What Are The Current NFL Playoff Odds?

The best way to determine which NFL teams will qualify for the playoffs while perusing the betting odds at any of the online under-21 sportsbooks we recommend is by reviewing the football futures, game lines, props, and under 21 Super Bowl prop bets.

Lines are produced for each franchise asking if they will make the NFL Playoffs or not, and there are also futures available for Division, Conference, and Super Bowl winners. The following section will further describe each of the aforementioned categories for betting on the NFL Playoffs.

How To Make NFL Playoff Bets

Just like when placing online wagers on the College Football Playoffs at 18 or other types of Vegas odds, NFL Playoffs and the betting lines that are produced for it are similar to all other levels of football. Below are the main variety in play at 18 and over sportsbook sites.

Bets made against the spread must be covered by the team by winning by more, or losing by less, that the among of points predicted.

A positive moneyline indicates the underdog, and odds featured in the negative signify the favored team. Wagers on NFL Playoff moneylines pay out based on the amount risked versus the odds.

A point total is granted by oddsmakers that predicts what both NFL Playoff teams will combine to score. NFL bettors must wager on if the final total will be over or under the line.

Proposition bets become more plentiful during the NFL Playoffs, and the odds can encompass any event on or off the field. Nothing is off the table when it comes to oddsmakers and the NFL Playoff odds they can provide for prop bets, as long as it has potential to occur during the televised broadcast.

Super Bowl MVP odds, NFL Division futures, and odds on the NFC and AFC Championships are just a few examples of options for betting on pro football and the postseason hopes of each of its 32 teams. All teams and players that remain in play for any postseason positioning or honors will stay on the boards as an NFL betting option until the line receives action.

How To Bet On The NFL Playoffs In 2024

The online sports gambling sites listed in the table above represent the best NFL Playoff, College Football, and UFL sportsbooks in the business, and the best part is, they each accept US-based members at the age of 18. We invite readers to browse through each one of them via the links above to get an idea of what NFL Playoff betting lines they’ve got available to under-21 sports gamblers.

Becoming a member is easy, and we recommend that 18 and over sports bettors sign up with more than one for line shopping. Here’s how to get signed up quickly with an NFL betting site.

  • Locate the join icon on the homepage and click it
  • Enter all pertinent data for creation of your account profile
  • Fund your sports betting account using USD or cryptocurrency and be sure to consider the deposit matching sportsbook bonuses that are offered at each NFL Playoff betting site
  • Make your way to the NFL odds section of the 18+ gambling site and place your bets!

Claiming Bonuses And Promotions At Online Sportsbooks

Online gambling sites are eager for new business, and because of that ongoing scenario, there are always sportsbook bonus offers in play when deposits are made for NFL Playoff betting. Up to 100% of deposit totals with amounts reaching $1,000 or more can be added to bankroll totals, and if all terms and conditions are met, the added cash is completely free and legit.

Accepting a bonus cash offer at an online gambling site is not required to become a member. Read through the conditions involved to ensure that they can be met before making your final decision on acceptance.

Mybookie Mobile Sports Betting App

NFL Betting Apps In 2024

Any of the sites that are featured in the table above can be accessed via iPhones and all other major smartphones and tablets by simply clicking on any of them using an up-to-date mobile gambling browser. Instant access to the latest NFL Playoff betting lines will be granted to 18-and-over online gamblers with functionality that resembles a downloadable application.

Wager on NFL Playoff odds from the location of your choosing when opting for these premium pro football gambling applications from our top online sportsbook sites. These web apps also include 21 and under options for betting on College Football, as well as all other major pro and college sports in the USA.

Live In-Game Betting On The NFL Playoffs

Live betting on NFL games, College Football, or UFL Football entails placing wagers on the over/under, point spread, and moneyline winner odds between the first and fourth quarters. Some NFL sportsbooks will keep the betting line on the boards after kickoff, while others will transfer the line to a featured "live" section that is usually linked to at the top of sportsbook menus.

There is no shortage of reasons for opting to place in-play bets on NFL Playoffs games. Bend the NFL Playoff bet schedule to your needs and wager whenever you want to - just don't wait too long because live betting lines can be removed without notice, and may not always last until the very end of the game.

Depositing Funds & Withdrawing Payouts

No online sportsbook will receive a top rating from our team unless they accept both US Dollars (credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, etc.) for depositing funds into your sports betting account.

Each of the NFL Playoffs betting sites that we recommend accepts Bitcoin deposits and also allows for BTC payouts. Other forms of crypto will vary from book to book, but altcoin transactions will always require additional blockchain security and cannot be slowed down by government oversight.

We invite our readers to have a look through each of the online NFL sportsbooks listed here and peruse their banking portfolios to see which one lines up with your needs the best.