College Football Championship Betting Guide For Under 21 Players

As fall transitions into winter, so does the focus on which NCAA College Football programs will compete for a National Championship at the conclusion of the CFP. 21 and under gambling on NCAAF National Championship odds at online sportsbooks can be perfected using the below playbook, but don’t take our word for it.

Find out for yourself by reading about the best ways of legally gambling on the CFP winner at the top online sports betting sites in business today. Also, don’t wade into the waters of gambling on college football at 21 without checking out how the CFP odds work at online college football betting sites.


Best Online Sportsbooks To Bet On The College Football Championship Game For 2024

All Sports Betting Sites Accept Players 18+ And Up

Sports SiteBonusRatingMin AgeUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $7504.8 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
2BetUS brand image125% up to $3,1254.7 18+GreenPlay Now Read Review
3MyBookie Sportsbook50% up to $1,0004.7 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review
4BetOnline Sportsbook & Casino50% Max $1,0004.5 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
5Xbet Sportsbook50% up to $5004.5 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review

Can 18+ And Up Players Legally Bet On The College Football Championship Game In 2024?

Yes. International and domestic sportsbooks will offer a glut of odds for betting on the CFP Title Game each year and accept members beginning at 18. State-regulated books are not available across every US territory, and those that do allow them feature differing venues and minimum legal ages to participate.

Where US gaming laws remain consistent is in their language directed toward offshore NCAAF betting sites – there is none. Meaning there are no laws that can be broken when betting on the NCAA College Football National Champion with a 21 and under overseas gambling site.

Is It Safe To Bet On NCAAF Title Odds Online?

Yes. College Football betting, generally speaking, is the second most popular sport to gamble on in the USA after wagering on NFL odds. For that reason, CFP Championship odds will be a common feature and any sportsbook, regardless of where it is operating from.

The College Football Championship betting sites we endorse here at Online Gambling 21 are safe, legitimate operations, and we base that claim on the many years that we’ve been doing business with them.

We invite you to browse through each of the online football sports betting sites that we stand behind to learn more about why they are the best in the business and are the CFP sportsbooks that we recommend the most.

Where Can 21 & Under Bet On The CFP Title Game?

Due to the overall popularity of College Football in the united states, NCAAF National Championship betting lines are posted at all variety of sportsbooks, both state-regulated and offshore.

We recommend that betting on College Football’s National Champion at the international sports betting sites that we link to on this page for a variety of reasons, including 24/7 availability from anywhere in the country, reliable service, competitive NCAAF odds, and quick payouts.

We also suggest signing up as a member with several online gambling sites for 21 and under to partake in College Football betting because it will allow patrons to secure the best odds and will isolate your money-making opportunities.

What Is The CFP National Championship?

Once the College Football regular season concludes and the Conference Championship Games have wrapped up, the CFP Selection Committee renders their choices for the final four teams that will compete for a national title.

1 will battle against 4, and 2 faces off against 3, with the winner of each NCAAF Playoff game advancing to the CFP Finals.*

The winner of the College Football Playoffs National Championship Game is declared the best NCAAF team in the nation for that given year and gets to take the CFP Trophy home to display it on their campus.

*The CFP format will change from 4 to 12 teams in 2024-25. Check out our under-21 CFP gambling page for more information.

betting on the 2023-23 CFP odds

College Football National Championship Bet Types

NCAAF Futures

Bettors that are between 21 and 18 will encounter futures odds the most frequently at college football playoff gambling sites because they will be posted all year long. An example of the current CFP futures are provided below.

Each team that is still alive for the CFP during that given season will be included among a list of NCAA College Football programs with moneyline odds next to their names.

These CFP moneylines reflect how much can be won versus how much money is bet on the College Football team that will win it all, and also provide an implied probability for how likely they are to hoist the CFP Trophy.

While these CFP Championship futures are on the board year-round, a win will not be earned until the NCAAF National Championship Game is over and a winner has been decided.

Current Odds To Win The NCAAF National Championship For 2024

2024 NCAA Championship Winner

  • Washington +160
  • Michigan -185

18+ College Football Betting Lines For The CFP National Championship

Once the CFP Semifinals are over and the two programs that will face each other in the National Championship Game have been determined, betting lines for the game will take action up until kickoff.

These College Football game lines will appear just like most other major sports featured at online sports betting sites and will include a point spread, moneyline odds for outright winners, and an over/under total.

The NCAAF point spread designates how many points a team is expected to win or lose by, while the moneyline odds work just as described above, delivering winning wagers for simple victories.

The over/under is a projection of total points that both CFP teams will combine to score, and bets can be made on whether the final tally falls above or below.

Rose Bowl Odds: Teams TBD

  • Moneyline: TBD
  • Over/Under: TBD

Orange Bowl Odds: Teams TBD

  • Moneyline: TBD
  • Over/Under: TBD

National Championship Odds (NRG Stadium): Teams TBD

  • Moneyline: TBD
  • Over/Under: TBD

College Football Championship Prop Bets

Any occurrences not entailed by the two above college football betting categories qualify for inclusion in the realm of NCAAF Championship prop bets.

Whether it is statistical over/unders, total touchdowns, or the type of clothes the head coach wears, anything is fair game in the realm of NCAA Football National Title prop bets at under 21 gambling sites.

Proposition bets can involve anything that happens during the telecast of the big game, and inspires the most wagers of this type outside of betting on the Super Bowl each year.

2024 CFP Title Game Prop Bets

  • Coming Soon!

How To Bet On The CFP Championship Game Online If You're Between The Ages Of 18-21

Before betting started with betting on the CFP Title contenders, make sure you’ve got a web-ready device, a solid connection to the Internet, some money to risk, and you’ll also need to be at least 18 years of age.

Your next move should be to cruise the college football gambling sites featured on this page and determine which online sportsbooks you intend to become a member with. Some gambling sites restrict certain US states, but between them all, the entire country is service.

Once that’s settled, click the join button on the homepage of the sportsbook and enter the requested information to create a member profile.

The next page will initiate the deposit process, and although the sportsbook can be accessed prior to funding your account, no bets can be made until online bankrolls are subsidized. Before sports betting deposits are finalized, consider entering a sportsbook promo code offered for bonus cash.

Once bankrolls are funded, navigate to the sportsbook and find the college football section. Inside, gamblers will find NCAAF futures, CFP betting lines, and College Football National Championship odds.

Deposit and Payout Options To Use In 2024

Each of the sports betting sites that we recommend for wagering on the Division I College Football National Championship Game accept a large variety of online gambling banking options for making deposits and withdrawals.

Standard options for USD deposits are plentiful, but we prefer cryptocurrency transactions because they execute much faster and come equipped with the ultimate in cybersecurity and user protection.

Sportsbook bonus offers also typically escalate when using Bitcoin to bet on sports or other forms of crypto.

Bonus Offers For Gambling On CFP Winner Odds

If you need some extra cash to take to the CFP betting window, members can opt for a bonus cash promotion from any of our online sportsbook sites that we recommend. These sportsbook promo codes match a portion of the deposit amount with free cash, as long as terms are met.

Promo cash offers are often elevated for special times of the year, like betting on basketball and March Madness odds, or gambling on the Olympics, and depositing with cryptocurrency increases the matching percentages significantly.

When Should I Bet On CFP National Championship Game?

If you are under 21 and gambling on CFP futures, then the earlier the better. The moneyline odds for the College Football National Champion will likely never payout greater than in the preseason, because they’ll narrow closer to even as games are decided, and teams are eliminated.

For CFP Championship Game betting lines, gamblers will need to wait until both teams are decided before books will post the NCAAF odds.

Mybookie Mobile Sports Betting App

Mobile Betting Apps In 2024 For 21 And Under Players

Each of the online college football gambling sites that we list in this guide allow for access to their CFP odds and lines to be wagered on using Apple (iPhone, iPad) and Android (LG, Motorola) devices.

Just click on any of the links in the table above and smartphones and tablets will transition into NCAAF National Championship betting terminals that can be taken with you anywhere.

The fact is, these mobile gambling apps don’t require a download because all of the NCAAF odds and lines can be navigated with push-button access using mobile browsers such as Opera, Safari, Google, Firefox, and Chrome.