Venmo Gambling For Under 21 Players

P2P instant-pay services like the Venmo app are extremely convenient for most things, but – historically – online gambling hasn’t been one of them. Due to the UIGEA banking regulation and the fact that Venmo is US-only, under-21 gambling banking options for Venmo betting deposits and withdrawals couldn’t be used at reputable online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. Until now.

Today, with the advent of player-to-player gambling vouchers and the third-party MatchPay service, several sites now feature indirect Venmo online gambling support. To learn how to bet real money online safely and legally with P2P app payments, our short guide to betting sites that accept Venmo is the only thing you need in your wallet!

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Best Online Venmo Gambling Sites For 2024

All 18-21 Players Accepted 

Casino SiteBonusRatingUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada Casino100% up to $3,0004.8 Green Check Play Now Read Review Logo200% up to $5,0004.6 Green Check Play Now
3Cafe Casino500% up to $3,0004.5 Green Check Play Now

Sports SiteBonusRatingUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $7504.8 Green Check Play Now Read Review

Poker SiteBonusRatingUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $5004.8 Green Check Play Now

Venmo Gambling Explained For Under 21 Bettors

There are plenty of Venmo reviews on the Internet, and chances are you already know the basics of using the service. However, when it comes to funding your 18-and-up online gambling account at Venmo casinos, sports betting sites, and poker rooms, there’s a little bit more to discuss.

That's because Venmo betting deposits aren't an option for directly topping up your bankroll. Instead, real-money Venmo gambling sites have given their members a way to transfer funds between themselves to facilitate deposits and payouts.

In other words, when you make a P2P gambling Venmo deposit, you’re actually using the instant-pay platform to buy another site member’s eligible account balance. Similarly, when you make a Venmo gambling P2P withdrawal, you’re actually selling your account balance to another site member.

This works via both online gambling vouchers and the third-party MatchPay service at participating sites.

Venmo is an instant-play peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer service designed to make digital payments between private parties quick and easy. In this way, as with under-21 online PayPal gambling, under-21 Venmo gambling effectively allows for customers to make online betting deposits right through the app itself.

Venmo was founded in 2009 and purchased by PayPal in 2012. Overall, Venmo is more limited than PayPal (i.e. US-only, less e-Wallet functionality, etc.), but it’s popular thanks to its social sharing aspects. As of 2022, Venmo has roughly 70 million users, making it as big a platform as rival service Cash App.

You can learn more about Venmo at, and you can download Venmo through the App Store or Google Play store.

Note: The iPhone Venmo app and Android Venmo app work exactly the same way and have all the same features, so you’re not limited to the under-21 mobile gambling device(s) you can use.

Venmo works by allowing users to link their bank accounts and/or credit/debit cards to the platform, thus facilitating online financial transactions.

Users can also sign up for a specific Venmo credit card (Visa) or Venmo debit card (Mastercard), but these cannot be reliably used to fund legal online under-21 gambling activities. Those who wish to use online Venmo gambling solutions must rely on gambling vouchers or the MatchPay service at participating sites.

If you have any general questions about how to send money on Venmo or use other platform services, you can contact Venmo customer service online or through the app itself. 

The most common way to top up your online gambling account is to use a voucher or player transfer. These are basically the same thing, though they work slightly differently on the backend.

For 18+ gamblers, however, the only real difference between vouchers and player transfers is that vouchers have maximum transaction limits of $3000, while player transfers have maximum transaction limits of $15,000.

To use a voucher, the process will depend on whether you’re making a deposit or a withdrawal. Depositors will need to visit their site’s community forum to search for an online gambling voucher code for sale, while those claiming payouts will need to request and post a voucher code for sale.

Otherwise, the process involves both involved site members contacting one another and concluding the sale. This is why it’s possible to bet with Venmo – or any other P2P app or eWallet service – with vouchers and player transfers.

Not all online gambling sites that support Venmo betting vouchers support MatchPay, as this is a third-party platform and requires online betting venues to actually deploy the service externally. As of Q1 2022, Bovada is the only online gambling site to employ the MatchPay product.

MatchPay deposits and payouts are nearly identical to vouchers and player transfers, with the exception that they automate the entire process. This makes it even faster and more convenient to use Venmo (and other P2P apps) to make online betting deposits and claim gambling payouts.

In our experience, MatchPay is about 40-50% faster than vouchers/transfers for both deposits and withdrawals.

Unfortunately, MatchPay is more limited than vouchers: MatchPay doesn't work with eWallets (Apple Pay et al.), and you can only transfer a maximum of $1000 at a time using the service.

While vouchers/transfers are adequate for 99% of all players including most high rollers, MatchPay is really only suitable for small-dollar casual gamblers.

Because the best under-21 online casinos are all located offshore, you can’t use P2P services like Venmo to fund your bankroll directly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t gamble with Venmo indirectly, as several top 18+ casino sites support casino vouchers and/or the third-party MatchPay service to help load up your account.

While this process can take up to a couple of days, that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone but the most avid online blackjack tournament and online slots tournament players.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Venmo casino payouts – while not necessarily the fastest (that award goes to crypto casino payouts) – are almost always the fastest option when it comes to cashing all way out to cold, hard cash.  

Venmo can’t directly fund your under-21 online sports betting bankroll, but you can use venmo at select sportsbooks to move money into and out of your betting account.

It’s not the fastest option, so it’s sure to eat some clock. But with the right clock management, that won’t matter, as you’ll always have your account loaded up in time for the big game. Of course, whether that big game is an NFL contest, college football game, NBA game, soccer match, tennis match, or anything else is up to you.

And remember, you’re never limited to the pre-made bets on the big board. Bovada and all the other top online sportsbooks have custom prob builders so you can call ‘em like you see ‘em. 

Venmo is the most “social” of the P2P payment services, which makes it the perfect choice for the 18+ crowd. 70 million users can’t be wrong!

Luckily, if you’re a member at a site that supports online betting vouchers or MatchPay, you can also use Venmo to legally ante up – and legally up the ante! – in all the best under-21 online poker rooms.

Venmo voucher and Venmo MatchPay gambling transfers might take a day or two, though, so please keep that in mind. Luckily, all the best poker sites keep their up-to-date online poker schedules published front and center, so you’ll never miss a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament or fast-paced Hi-Lo Sit-N-Go.

How To Use Venmo To Gamble Online For Real Money In 2024

If you want to know how to use Venmo at the best 18-and-over online gambling sites, there’s really not much to it. As long as you understand how Venmo actually works (i.e. how to put money on Venmo, how to pay with Venmo, etc.), most of the heavy lifting’s already done.

Still, because under-21 online gambling deposits using Venmo are slightly different than other common bet funding methods, a little more detailed instruction is warranted. But don’t worry, it’s all easy enough. If you’ve ever made an online Bitcoin gambling deposit, for example, online Venmo gambling deposits are no more difficult.

The first step, of course, is to go ahead and set up your Venmo account by downloading the Venmo app, creating your Venmo login, and linking your bank account or credit/debit card. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready for the next steps.

Making an online gambling Venmo deposit at a reputable under-21 gambling site is just like making any other private P2P Venmo payment, because that’s technically exactly what you’re doing:

  1. Follow any link here to a legit online casino, sportsbook, or poker room that accepts Venmo betting deposits via vouchers or the MatchPay service.
  2. Sign up for free by entering in all required personal information.
  3. Select the voucher or MatchPay option from your gambling site’s cashier page.
  4. For voucher Venmo deposits, navigate to your site’s member forum or community board (i.e. the Bovada Community page) and find a voucher code for sale. Contact the seller, arrange the Venmo transfer, send your payment, and receive your code. Paste the code into the necessary field at your site cashier, choose an optional online gambling bonus, and submit your deposit. Your funds are added instantly and come with no added fees.
  5. For MatchPay Venmo deposits, selecting this option will open a new window prompting you to sign up with the free MatchPay service. Fill out the form and be sure to link your Venmo account to your MatchPay account. Then, enter in the amount you’d like to deposit with Venmo using MatchPay, choose an optional online gambling promo, and submit your deposit. MatchPay will automatically pair you with a seller and credit your account in full, with no added fees.

Venmo online gambling withdrawals work similarly to deposits, only now you’re on the other side of the process as the seller instead of the buyer. Otherwise, everything’s more or less the same when claiming Venmo betting payouts:

  1. Navigate to your site cashier and select the voucher or MatchPay payout option.
  2. For voucher Venmo betting payouts, select the requisite option, enter in the amount of your account balance you’d like to withdraw, and submit the request. You’ll receive your online gambling voucher code in your site-linked email, at which point you can post the voucher code for sale on your betting operator’s community forum. When a buyer contacts you, give them your Venmo ID and await payment. Release the voucher code to your buyer as soon as their Venmo transfer clears.
  3. For MatchPay Venmo betting payouts, you’ll need to create a MatchPay account if you haven’t already (see above). Then, simply enter in the amount of money you want to pull out and submit the request. MatchPay will find a buyer and send you a Venmo notification once the buyer is located. Confirm the Venmo transfer and receive your money instantly.

Note: You can use any supported withdrawal method at your online gambling site, regardless of whether or not you used Venmo to deposit. As such, it might be a good idea to consider claiming your payouts in cryptocurrency rather than using the Venmo app via vouchers/MatchPay.

While Venmo online gambling deposits via vouchers and MatchPay are very convenient once you’re set up to handle them, they don’t actually offer all that much besides convenience in the way of actual online gambling benefits. That’s because the best under-21 gambling sites online only offer their standard bonus packages when using these P2P services.

If you want enhanced online gambling signup bonuses and account reload bonuses, you’ll need to deposit with a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Crypto bonuses boost your bankroll by 2X-3X more than standard deposit promos!

It’s also important to note that online betting promos are market-specific.

That is, if you select an under-21 online casino bonus, you can only fulfill the bonus terms and conditions by playing online Venmo casino games. If you choose an under-21 online sports betting bonus, that promo only applies to betting in your online Venmo sportsbook. And for under-21 online poker bonuses, Venmo poker’s the only game in town.

As long as you pick the promo for the 18+ online gambling market in which you most often participate, you’ll have no trouble meeting any Venmo betting bonus playthrough requirements.  

Venmo Online Gambling Limits – Speeds And Fees

When you’re making a Venmo gambling deposit or claiming a payout, there are two sets of limits to be aware of. The first set involves the Venmo limits themselves:

  • Unverified Venmo Weekly Limit: $299.99
  • Unverified Venmo Limit Per Day: $299.99
  • Verified Venmo Weekly Limit: $4999.99
  • Verified Venmo Limit Per Day: $4999.99

Other than the above transfer limits, there are Venmo fees. These apply only to Venmo instant transfers, as standard transfers have no added fees (but take 2-3 business days to process). Fees are capped at $0.25 or 1.25% of the total transfer amount, whichever is higher.

Aside from Venmo’s native limits and fees, your gambling site employs the following:

  • Venmo Gambling Deposit Limits: 1-3 days, $10-$15,000, no added fees
  • Venmo Gambling Withdrawal Limits: 1-3 days, $10-$15,000, no added fees

As you can see, if you want to maximize your betting limits when using Venmo, you’ll need to make sure your account is verified by going through Venmo’s KYC process. This will ensure that your Venmo max transfer limits are always higher than your betting site’s max transfer limits.

Venmo Alternatives

Venmo is a great P2P app, but Venmo betting online is far from the only option. There are many other popular person-to-person instant-pay platforms for 18-and-up online gambling, so you can take advantage of all the following:

  • 18+ PayPal Gambling
  • 18+ Cash App Gambling
  • 18+ Zelle Gambling
  • 18+ Apple Pay Gambling
  • 18+ Google Pay Gambling
  • 18+ Samsung Pay Gambling

Obviously, there are big PayPal vs. Venmo, Cash App vs. Venmo, and Zelle vs. Venmo debates, as these are the four largest services in the space. However, in our experience, when it comes to legal online gambling for players aged 18 and up, there’s not much difference between them.

Each service has plenty of users, too, so it’s not even markedly faster getting paired with a buyer or seller when using PayPal compared to using Venmo (or Cash App, or Zelle, etc.).

The only real difference comes when using e-Wallets with vouchers. (Remember, eWallet platforms are not currently supported by MatchPay.) Apple Pay has tens of millions more users than either G Pay or Samsung Pay, making Apple Pay Cash the very best option for eWallet voucher transfers.

Note: While Venmo, PayPal, and Cash App all allow users to buy Bitcoin right through the apps themselves, only Cash App allows Bitcoin to then be sent off-platform. As such, you can actually use Cash App – but not Venmo or PayPal – to make online under-21 Bitcoin gambling deposits.

***DISCLAIMER: Venmo is a third-party P2P payment app and eWallet platform that can be used to fund legal 21+ online gambling accounts. This website is neither a partner of nor endorsed by Venmo in any way.