NBA Betting Guide For Under 21 Gamblers

Online gambling on NBA odds under 21 years old can be a difficult endeavor to navigate at times with regulated sports betting state varying in their legal minimum age requirements. Under 21 NBA betting online is best done with one of the offshore sportsbook sites we recommend below, with rules and regulations that are easy to follow no matter what state that basketball gamblers are standing in.

Continue reading to learn all about which 21 and under basketball betting options are in play when doing business with a top NBA gambling site listed below, and what legal aspects are involved so that wagering on the National Basketball League can be done lawfully.

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Most Trusted NBA Betting Sites For 2024

All Sportsbooks Accept Players 18+ And Up

Sports SiteBonusRatingMin AgeUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $7504.8 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
2BetUS brand image125% up to $3,1254.7 18+GreenPlay Now Read Review
3MyBookie Sportsbook50% up to $1,0004.7 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review
4BetOnline Sportsbook & Casino50% Max $1,0004.5 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
5Xbet Sportsbook50% up to $5004.5 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review

Is There Legal NBA Betting For 18 Year Old’s In The USA?

Yes, there are a few states that feature regulated domestic sportsbooks that allow 18 year old customers to bet on NBA odds, but only a handful. Across the entire USA, 18-to-20-year-old gamblers can bet on NBA games using offshore sportsbook sites like the ones linked to above.

No federal or state gambling laws are in place that prohibit NBA betting sites that are operating within a legal international gaming jurisdiction from accepting a basketball bet over the Internet inside of the United States.

Read our sports gambling site reviews to learn more about the best NBA betting options on the web for those aged under 21.

Where To Bet On NBA Games At Under 21

Posted above are the NBA gambling sites that we recommend the most to basketball bettors aged 18 through 20 that are looking for regular season and playoff odds, as well as lines for the Finals and the team that will win the championship.

We are members of each and every 18+ online NBA sportsbook above, and because they operate from within a legal offshore gambling jurisdiction, they cover ever state in the USA between them.

There is no requirement to join just to look around our top sports gambling sites, so we invite NBA bettors around the United States to click on each link above and see for yourself the glut of pro basketball odds that are on the boards.

2022 NBA Finals Boston

Odds via Bovada

NBA Conference Finals - 06/05

  • Point Spread: Boston Celtics +4.0, Golden State Warriors -4.0
  • Money Line: Boston Celtics +165, Golden State Warriors -195
  • Total Points: 215.5

How To Bet On NBA Games In 2024 If You Are Age 18+ And Up

We’ve already let readers know that we strongly prefer that all online NBA bets be made with offshore gambling sites that accept 21 and under users – but before that can happen, basketball gamblers must sign up as a member and deposit funds.

While that may sound like an intimidating process, it isn’t. Our top NBA betting sites make it easily accomplishable in just a few minutes. Here is how 18+ sports gamblers can sign up with our top NBA sportsbook sites.

  • NBA odds differ at each sportsbook. Because of this, gamblers should not lock themselves into one solitary NBA betting site and the odds they produce. Give yourself the ability to shop the NBA betting lines by joining multiple online gambling sites that cater to 20 and under members before making a final decision.
  • At the top of any page inside of the 18-20 sportsbook site readers will notice a join button. Click that button to be ported to the information gathering portion of the signup process. Enter the requested information and create a sportsbook login before moving on the deposit section.
  • Now that accounts have been created, 20 and under NBA gamblers can deposit funds into their accounts using USD or cryptocurrency. Once the monetary transaction has completed (crypto is the fastest!), gamblers can then move on to the NBA betting section and lay some action on games, players, teams, prop bets, and more.

Sportsbook Signup And Reload Bonuses

Who doesn’t want some free money to bet on NBA games and potentially win a larger cash payout? That’s exactly what our top 20 and under NBA sportsbook sites are offering up to new members when they upload funds to their online accounts.

Here’s the gist - new sportsbook members (and sometimes existing members depending on the gambling site) are eligible for a deposit matching bonus where the percentage will differ depending on who you’re doing the NBA betting with.

The sportsbook bonus promo becomes free cash as long as all terms are met, so read them to make sure you plan to wager on enough NBA odds to complete them.

Understanding The Different NBA Betting Odds

NBA Betting Lines: Each NBA game will prompt a basketball betting line at any reputable sportsbook, be they domestic or offshore based. NBA gambling sites will include the following components in basketball game lines that will be described using the following example:

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls

  • Point Spread: Lakers -8.0, Bulls +8.0
  • Moneyline: Lakers -210, Bulls +175
  • Over/Under: 212.5

Above, the Lakers are favored to win by 8 points (-8.0), and must win by 9 or more to cover the spread. The Bulls must lose by 7 or less to cover.

NBA gambling wins are secured by betting on the moneyline for the team that bettors believe will be victorious. $2.10 must be bet on the Lakers to net a dollar because they are the favored team with a -210 moneyline. The Bulls, because they are the underdog at +175, will payout more than the bet total ($1.75 per $1).

Oddsmakers have set the line for the total combined points of both the Lakers and Bulls at 212.5 points. Because the over/under is fractional, the points of variance are narrowed from two to one – meaning 212 points or under, or 213 points or over, are the options in play. Fractional point spreads are also common at 20 and under NBA gambling sites.

Betting on the NBA Champions, division or conference winners, and wild card selections are all an option with basketball betting futures. NBA futures betting allows action on a list of all remaining playoff eligible teams with moneyline odds on each franchise’s chances of raising a championship banner in their arena, or simply winning the proposed outcome. Payouts work the same as moneyline odds in NBA betting lines, but all teams are often all in the positive for futures gambling.

Before the playoffs begin, NBA futures take year-round action on division winners and other postseason qualifying outcomes. Once the postseason begins, NBA Playoff odds are plentiful at the online sportsbooks we recommend to our readers, with game lines, and props on each series.

Once it is down to the last two teams, betting on the NBA Finals commences at our top offshore gambling sites for under 21 customers. NBA Finals prop bets and game lines will be furnished for each contest, but there are also NBA futures that are on the betting boards all year long that take action on the eventual champion.

Any betting outcome that is not covered in the above basketball gambling categories fall into the realm of NBA props, including but not limited to the following:

  • NBA prop bets for player and team statistics
  • NBA props for regular season and Finals MVP winners
  • Props for betting on the NBA All Star Game, Slam Dunk Contest, Celebrity All Star Game, Three Point Contest, Skills Contest, and more!
  • NBA Draft Lottery Props & NBA Draft Betting Odds
  • Odds for activities occurring off the court, like player’s wives and girlfriends appearing on camera, political protests, announcer’s comments, and anything else NBA gambling sites can conjure up with their seemingly unlimited imaginations.

Some under 20 NBA gamblers prefer to wait until after tipoff to place a pro basketball bet. If this sounds like you, check out the live, in-play betting odds offered on each and every NBA game at our offshore sports gambling sites recommended on this page. Point spreads, the over/under, moneylines, and NBA prop bets all remain live (depending on which book you choose) until the fourth quarter.

Combining more than one NBA bet into a single wager lowers the probability of winning but increases the total payout that can be earned if all components of the parlay are victorios. Each book varies in how many NBA betting lines are allowed into a basketball parlay.   

Mybookie Mobile Sports Betting App

Bet On NBA Games From Your Mobile Device

Mobile sports gambling at under 21 is not available domestically in many states which is a major reason we endorse the use of offshore NBA sportsbooks like the ones linked to in this guide across the entire USA.

As long as your state is one that the online NBA gambling site accepts members from, patrons aged 18 and older can wager on basketball odds at all hours of the day, and can use that same app in other territories the vendor serves.

All of this is available without the need for a download as just by clicking any sportsbook link above using an Apple or Android tablet or smartphone will populate mobile screens with the latest NBA odds, props, and betting lines instantly.