Online Super Bowl 57 Betting Guide For Under 21

The Super Bowl is the culmination of a season’s worth of gridiron action, bringing together the best team from the AFC and the NFC to decide who will become the NFL champion for that year. It is the most wagered upon single event each year, and our under 21 football betting guide digs deep to provide all the information you’ll need to wager on the big game.

Super Bowl LVII is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on NFL football now. There are SB LVII futures, Super Bowl 56 prop bets, regular-season NFL betting odds, and much more to consider. Read on to learn about all of the Super Bowl bet types, the top sportsbooks taking bets from under-21 patrons on the web, and the legalities involved.

Upwards of $8 billion is expected to be wagered on Super Bowl LVII, and most of the action is expected to be handled at gambling sites accepting bettors who are under 21.

SUper Bowl LVII betting

Best Online Super Bowl Betting Sites For 2022

All Sportsbooks Accept Players 18+ And Up

 Sports SiteBonusRatingMin AgeUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada50% up to $1,0004.8 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
2MyBookie Sportsbook50% up to $1,0004.7 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review
3BetOnline Sportsbook & Casino100% up to $1,0004.5 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
4Xbet Sportsbook100% up to $5004.5 21+Green Check Play Now

Can I Legally Bet On The Super Bowl If I'm Under 21 Years Of Age?

Yes. Almost half of the states in the USA have legalized some form of domestic sports gambling, but many require an age of 21 to participate. If you are in or near one of these states, you can simply visit a sportsbook and place a bet. In 49 out of 50 states (not Washington state), betting on the Super Bowl on the web is legal if you do so with an offshore sportsbook site.

There are no laws in place that prevent international sports betting sites from taking bets from Americans over the web, and a large majority allow for members to join at the age of 18. Under 21 sports betting sites are the best option for laying some action on sports in a majority of the country.

What Is The Betting Line On The Super Bowl?

The football betting lines for the Super Bowl 57 matchup will be posted below and will take action up to and until kickoff on February 12th, 2023. Live betting odds on Super Bowl LVII take over once the game begins and allows for gambling on any of the odds below while the clock is running.

Super Bowl 57 Betting Line: AFC Champions vs. NFC Champions

  • Point Spread – TBD
  • Moneyline: TBD
  • Over/Under: TBD

What Are The Odds On The Super Bowl 57 Futures?

The best option for betting on the Super Bowl for most of the year are futures bets that place money line odds on each NFL team’s chances of winning the Lombardi Trophy. Super Bowl futures betting lines will remain on the boards at online sportsbooks year-round, and teams will remain in the SB odds until they are eliminated from the NFL playoffs.

Bovada Odds - Super Bowl 57 Future

SUPER BOWL 57 (2023) - Odds to Win

Kansas City Chiefs+700
Buffalo Bills+800
Los Angeles Rams+1000
Cincinnati Bengals+1000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1500
Dallas Cowboys+1600
San Francisco 49ers+1400
Denver Broncos+2000
Green Bay Packers+1600
Baltimore Ravens+2000
Tennessee Titans+2000
New England Patriots+2200
Arizona Cardinals+2500
Los Angeles Chargers+2000
Indianapolis Colts+2800
New Orleans Saints+3500
Cleveland Browns+3500
Pittsburgh Steelers+4500
Seattle Seahawks+4500
Miami Dolphins+4000
Philadelphia Eagles+4000
Atlanta Falcons+6000
Carolina Panthers+4500
Las Vegas Raiders+4000
Minnesota Vikings+5000
Washington Football Team+5000
Chicago Bears+6500
New York Giants+7500
Jacksonville Jaguars+10000
Detroit Lions+12500
Houston Texans+12500
New York Jets+12500

BetOnline Odds - Super Bowl 57 Futures


2022-23 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Because so many non-football fans that are under the age of 21 watch the game, Super Bowl prop bets at 18+ sportsbooks have risen in popularity and continue to do so each year.

These proposition bets on the Super Bowl can cover anything that happens on the air during the game, including individual player stat totals, length of the National Anthem, order the commercials appear, and anything else that oddsmakers can consider.

Here are a few examples of early Super Bowl 57 prop bets that have hit the boards at NFL betting sites.

Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

Result Of Coin Toss For Super Bowl 57


Will either kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a missed field goal or extra point attempt?


Any player to have 125+ receiving yards


Most Popular Super Bowl Prop Bets

Below we cover the most popular categories of prop bets for the Super Bowl. While we cannot attempt to cover them all, these are the prop bets that draw the most action at the Super Bowl each year at 21 & under sports betting sites.

NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets On The National Anthem – Betting on the performance of the Star-Spangled Banner is one of the earliest occurrences in the Super Bowl each year and offers one of the first events to bet upon. Wagers can be placed on the length of the performance, whether the singer flubs a lyric, what color clothes the singer wears, and more.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Props – The next major event after the National Anthem is typically the coin toss to decide which team will kick and receive. This is usually one of the first Super Bowl prop bets to appear on the board and takes action for most of the year. Simply bet which side the coin will land on - heads or tails.

Super Bowl Halftime Props – These wagers involve the musical performance that occurs during halftime of the Super Bowl, and features similar offerings as the National Anthem prop bets, but also include potential surprise guests, and if a curse word will be uttered.

Player/Team Props For SB57 – Just like in a regular-season NFL game, under 21 gambling sites are taking prop bets on statistical performances of individual players and/or teams, how many touchdowns a player will score, interceptions thrown, who will win the MVP and can also include whether a player’s girlfriend or wife will be seen on camera in the stands.

Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets – The big game features the latest television commercials with content that is built to attract the most attention on Super Bowl Sunday. Wagers can be placed on which commercial will air first and what order they’ll air in. There are even pairings of ads of similar products that ask under-21 bettors to select the one that will air first.

Where Can I Bet On Super Bowl 57 In 2022

If you’re under 21 and you are wondering how to bet on the Super Bowl, domestic options are hard to come by. That is not the case when looking online, however, as the international sports betting sites we recommend allow for 18+ members to join and play for real cash.

Membership is not required to browse, so have a look around each one to witness first-hand the massive variety of Super Bowl betting options there are out there to choose from for 18, 19, and 20-year-old gamblers.

Live In-Play Super Bowl Betting Options

There’s no need to worry about making sure your Super Bowl bets are placed before the game begins because our top online sportsbooks feature live betting with odds that can be wagered on during the entire broadcast.

Odds for Super Bowl prop bets, money lines, the over/under, and point spreads can be bet on into the fourth quarter, and are the perfect option for 21 and under bettors with busy schedules on the day of the big game.

Live betting sports
Mybookie Mobile Sports Betting App

Placing Mobile Superbowl Bets For SB LVII

Super Bowl parties are common around the United States, so it is crucial that the top sports betting sites on the web that cater to eighteen and over gamblers can provide mobile betting apps for the biggest game of the year.

The internationally-based online sportsbooks that we recommend in this guide provide the top mobile Super Bowl betting apps in existence, with all of the lines, odds, and props ported over from their main website.

The best part is, there is no download required, as these applications are web-based for immediate access to the best Super Bowl bets, all in the palm of your hand. These mobile betting apps are available for all up-to-date and current Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, and devices (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, etc.)

Super Bowl 57 Fact Sheet

What Day Is Super Bowl LVII?

Sunday, February 13, 2023

When Is The 2023 Super Bowl Kickoff Time?

6:30 pm (EST)

What Teams Are Playing In The Super Bowl?

The two teams competing in SB57 will be determined following the Conference Championship Round of the 2022-23 NFL Playoffs.

Where Is Super Bowl 57?

Super Bowl LVII will be hosted at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, home of the NFL’s Cardinals.

What Channel Is the Super Bowl On?

Super Bowl LVII will be televised on FOX.

Who Are The Super Bowl Announcers?

The announcers for Super Bowl 57 have yet to be announced.

Who Is Playing The Super Bowl Halftime Show In 2023?

Rihanna will be the Super Bowl Halftime Show performer for LVII.

What Are My Super Bowl Streaming Options?

Super Bowl 57 will be live-streamed on FOX's streaming services.

Who Won The Super Bowl In 2022?

The LA Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 23-20.

Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Where Can I Bet On The Super Bowl If I Am Under 21?

Some online gambling states in the USA allow for in-person on online sports betting and almost all of them will accept action on the Super Bowl, but a majority of domestic options are 21+. International sportsbooks are able to take Super Bowl bets over the Internet from American customers, and offer their services in nearly every state in the country to 18+ patrons.  

How Much Money Is Bet On The Super Bowl Each Year?

Over $6 billion was bet on Super Bowl LVI based on estimates from the American Gaming Association, and that trend is expected to continue to rise.

Are There Any States Where I Can’t Bet On The Super Bowl Online At 21?

Connecticut and Washington have laws on the books that prohibit all online gambling, and although the offshore sportsbooks we recommend on this page accept members from those states, we advise being mindful of all regional sports betting regulations.

What Is The Best Super Bowl Bet To Make?

Money line odds on the underdog can be the most profitable, but the safest and best bet to make on the Super Bowl is the point-spread. The oddsmakers are typically accurate on Super Bowl point spreads and historically, it allows for the most reasonable and competitive action of all the SB bets.