Bovada Sportsbook Review For 2024

Number 1 Rated Legal US Online Sportsbook Site For Under 21 Players

One of the longest running online sportsbooks in the industry today is Bovada, and it is no accident that they remain atop the sports betting industry and have earned the top spot on our list of under-21 gambling site reviews.

This Bovada Sportsbook review allows readers a peek behind the curtain that reveals why they are the #1 destination for sports betting on the web, from their exhaustive coverage of major sports, politics, and entertainment odds, as well as customer service that is available 24 hours a day.

In the massive spectrum of online gambling at under 21, no sportsbook ranks ahead of Bovada, so read on to find out why you should become a member.

  • Accepts New Members Beginning At 18 Years Old
  • Operates Within The Legal Gaming Jurisdiction Of Costa Rica
  • Licensed To Operate By Curacao (B2C-4FML2EDR-1668JAZ)
  • Has Never Missed A Payout
  • Covers Most US States, Plus Washington, D.C. 
  • Industry Leader In NFL Betting & Odds On Major Sports
  • Massive Index Of Entertainment Betting Lines & eSports Odds
  • Standard Bonus Cash Promos With Easily Achievable Terms
  • Includes Political Odds & Betting On Election Results
  • Web-Based Betting App For iPhones, iPads, & Android
  • Smaller Sportsbook Bonus Promos Than Other Sites
  • Does Not Allow Members From NJ, NY, DE, MD, NV, CO, MI
  • Less Banking Options Than Other Sports Betting Sites

General Information About Bovada Sportsbook



Accepts Under 21


Signup Bonus
100% up to $750
Bitcoin Signup Bonus
100% up to $1,000

Bovada Sports To Bet On At 21 Or Under

Bovada 18+ sports betting options

Bovada Super Bowl Betting In 2024

There is no online gambling site that we recommend for Super Bowl betting more than Bovada.LV, and that is because they've been doing it longer and better than any other NFL sportsbook in business today. Action isn't limited to Super Bowl betting lines, as all aspects of the big game are offered up for betting at Bocvoda's sportsbook.

21 and under gamblers can partake in a heaping helping of Bovada Super Bowl prop bets, allowing action on the National Anthem, Halftime Show Performance, and gambling on the many SB commercials that air during the game breaks. Don't place a bet on Super Bowl odds before stopping by Bovada.

Bovada Live Betting Options - Bet During The Games

Standard game lines that offer point spreads, moneylines, and totals, allow for continued action after the contest begins with Bovada live odds, also sometimes call live in-play betting odds. Game lines for all major sports go live once the clock starts running, but the odds can be removed at Bovada’s discretion.

The odds at Bovada Sportsbook tend to become more certain and less profitable as the game continues so even though the lines are live, bets that are made earlier on in the duration offer higher payouts for the most part.

Live betting sports

Bovada’s User Experience For 21 & Under Gamblers

Whether using a mobile device or a standard PC or laptop, Bovada LV delivers their sportsbook to 18 and over online gamblers with easy to navigate menus that are clearly labeled with large icons. Futures, prop bets, and game lines for all major sports are a click away and are broken down into further subcategories via dropdown menus.

Overhead and left-paned selection zones surround a central table that houses all current betting lines for sports that are in play that day, or even that very minute with live Bovada odds. To the right of the screen is the Bovada bet slip that easily calculates your winnings, as well as parlay and teaser odds on the fly.

This brand also offers high quality casino and poker gambling as well.  See our under 21 Bovada Casino review for a detailed look at the online casino options also available for desktop and mobile devices. You can also visit our page focusing on real money casino games for players 18 and up for more information about casino games in general.

Layout And Design

Bovada layout and design

Bovada adheres to the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) philosophy of web design in that it doesn’t clutter up the screen with unnecessary bells and whistles. It simply directs users to the sports they want to bet on, casino or poker games they want to play, or the login/Bovada account creation process.

Upon entering the sportsbook section of Bovada’s website, members will encounter live odds for ongoing games in the center of the page. To the left is a menu pane that offers the most popular lines of the day. Located on the top of the page is a hierarchy of all active sports, and there is a search box to the upper right if you can’t find what you’re after via the other two avenues.

Finally, there is a standard dropdown menu located center screen just above the odds that deliver one additional option for navigating Bovada’s seemingly endless odds, props, and betting lines for all major sports both inside and outside the United States.

Bovada Sportsbook Deposits

Bovada Sportsbook’s banking options include several USD and cryptocurrency options. We recommend using Bitcoin deposits or Bovada’s other cryptocurrency deposit options because they upload to accounts the fastest, allow for higher sportsbook promo code cash offers, and are the most secure transactions available.

Bovada accepts the following forms of payment for deposits, with fee descriptions where applicable:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) - $10 min, $5000 max, no fees
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - $10 min, $5000 max, no fees
  • Litecoin (LTC) - $10 min, $5000 max, no fees
  • Ethereum (ETH) - $50 min, $5000 max, no fees
  • Matchpay - $20 min, $1000 max, no fees
  • Bovada Vouchers - $10 min, $3000 max, no fees
  • Visa – $20 min, $1500 max
  • Mastercard – $20 min, $1500 max, 3-7% fees
  • Amex – $20 min, $1500 max, 3-7% fees
  • Prepaid Cards – $20 min, $1500 max, 3-7% fees
  • Gift Cards – $20 min, $1500 max, 3-7% fees

Bovada Sportsbook Payouts

A payout can be completed at Bovada using vouchers or cryptocurrency within 24 hours of its request, however, standard USD withdrawals are more limited and take longer to process. That’s why we highly recommend that all readers strongly consider using cryptocurrency when gambling with a Bovada.

Here are the current deposit methods offered by Bovada in 2024

  • Bitcoin (BTC) - $10 min, no max, no fees, same-day payouts
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - $10 min, no max, no fees, same-day payouts
  • Litecoin (LTC) - $10 min, no max, no fees, same-day payouts
  • Ethereum (ETH) - $50 min, no max, no fees, same-day payouts
  • Matchpay - $20 min, $1000 max, no fees, same-day payouts
  • Check By Courier - $100 min, $3,000 max, no fees (once every 90 days, $100 for 2nd), 10-15 business days
  • Bovada Vouchers - $10 min, $3000 max, no fees, instant

How To Withdraw Money From Bovada Casino

Bovada sports betting payouts can be requested using any of the above withdrawal options. However, different basic methods have different associated withdrawal processes, which are explained briefly below.

Obviously, crypto – i.e. BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH – is the best Bovada cash out option, as it’s the only way to get guaranteed same-day payouts and comes with no added fees. Regardless of the crypto option you choose, here’s how to withdraw money from Bovada:

  1. At the Bovada Cashier page, choose the crypto payout option you prefer.
  2. Open your crypto exchange account or private crypto wallet app and select the “Receive” option from the menu. Copy down your unique crypto wallet receiving address.
  3. Back at Bovada, paste the above crypto wallet address into the recipient field, along with whatever amount of your eligible account balance you’d like to claim.
  4. Submit the form. Most Bovada crypto payouts should show up in your wallet within 1-4 hours.

Bovada Voucher and MatchPay payouts are a bit more involved and have lower limits, which is why we recommend them only if crypto doesn’t work for your needs. Again, crypto is 100% the best payout option at Bovada Sportsbook.

  1. Select the “Voucher” option or “MatchPay” option from the withdrawal menu at the Bovada Cashier page.
  2. For Bovada Voucher withdrawals: Enter in the amount you’d like to withdraw and Bovada will send your voucher code to your site-linked email address. Post this voucher code for sale to the Bovada Community page, Bovada Reddit page, etc. Once a buyer contacts you and purchases your voucher using any agreed-upon P2P app or e-Wallet platform, release the voucher code to them ASAP.
  3. For Bovada MatchPay withdrawals: Sign up for the free MatchPay service via the Bovada Cashier page (if you haven’t already). Enter in the amount of money you want to withdraw and submit the request. MatchPay will “match” you with a fellow site member automatically to conclude the P2P-based transaction (MatchPay does not currently work with e-Wallet platforms). MatchPay Bovada payouts transmit the same day you request them about 40-50% more often than voucher payouts.

Why 21 & Under Gamblers Can Trust Our Bovada Review

Before an online sports betting site can be included in our list of sportsbook reviews, our staff must become familiar with their operations on a first-hand basis. This process takes time, but in the case of Bovada LV, we’ve already been doing business with them for years and rate them as the absolute best in the business today.

This stance is based on hundreds of wagers placed over decades as a combined team, with payouts that have always been delivered within the promised window of time, and competitive odds and lines for the sports that we’re most interested in.

We stand behind Bovada’s services, but we also advise that you do not take our word for it and investigate what they have to offer for yourself.

We’re quite certain you’ll come to same conclusion that we have, so don’t hesitate to surf Bovada’s Sportsbook page via any link we’ve provided inside of this review via laptops, PCs, or mobile devices. Browsing can be done for free and does not require becoming a member.

Bovada Bonus Codes & Promos For 2024

  • 50% match up to $1000 Sports Welcome Bonus (5x Rollover) – New members’ first deposit for sports betting made with USD is eligible for a 50% match up to $1000.
  • 75% match up to $750 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus (5x Rollover) – When opting for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over US Dollar options, the bonus cash awards triple. That’s because Bovada prefers BTC over all other deposit methods and tempts new members with such an impressive offer.
  • Refer Friends & Get $200 – If a friend signs up with Bovada after being sent a referral link, members can earn up to $200 in bonus cash with a 5x rollover. Sports bettors that deposit with cryptocurrency can add up to $275 for each reload.
  • Bovada Rewards Points – Each time a wager is placed in the Bovada Sportsbook, rewards points are collected and added to members’ totals. The more members play, the higher tiers can be reached that award points at a higher volume per bet. Points can be redeemed for cash at any time but do require 2X rollover.

Bovada App For Mobile Sports Betting

While Bovada does not host under 21 sports betting applications that can be downloaded from an online store, they do offer access to their sportsbook via iPhones, iPads, and other popular devices through the use of mobile browsers just by clicking on any link included on this page.

All of the features from Bovada’s desktop site are also accessibly using Apple or Android smartphones and tablets from just about anywhere inside of the United States with an Internet connection.

We actually prefer using the Bovada app over the desktop version because the touch screen controls make navigation even faster and can be controlled while actively in motion and on the go.

Bovada mobile casino

Is Bovada Legal For 21 And Under Gamblers?

Yes, Bovada’s gambling services are available online in the United States to customers that are 18 or older and are looking to place a bet on sports. There are no federal or state laws in place that prohibit international sportsbook sites like Bovada from accepting bets over the web from 18 to 20-year-old gamblers in the USA.

They exist inside of Costa Rica, a regulated gaming district, and are licensed to operate over the web by the Curacao government. Unlike domestic sportsbooks, Bovada is able to offer political election odds and entertainment betting on reality television, celebrity marriages and breakups, pro wrestling matches, and other lines that US-based venues do not provide.

States Where Bovada Does Not Allow Gambling

  • Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Nevada

How To Signup A New Account And Create A Bovada Login

Now that you’ve decided to join Bovada Sportsbook, all you need to do is click on any “bet now” button within this review to be transported to their online gambling site. To begin the account creation process, click on the red join button in the upper right-hand corner of any page within the Bovada website.

New Bovada account holders will need to create login credentials and type in their name and other requested information before moving on to the deposit page where USD or cryptocurrency uploads are available.

Once bankrolls are funded, new Bovada members can click on the “sports” button and gain access to lines, odds, and props for games and contests around the globe using the overhead or side menu or the search box to the upper right.

Bovada sign-up page

Key Decision-Making Factors For Why Bovada Is Worth Joining

  • Fast Withdrawals Using Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies
  • All Major College And Pro Sports Covered
  • Longevity In The Online Gambling Industry
  • Accepts Gamblers Aged 18 And Older
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Legally Licensed To Accept American Sports Bettors
  • Secure Online Environment For User Protection & Financial Transactions

The Bovada Prop Builder App

A custom tool that Bovada now offers lets their members easily compile prop bet parlays for most major sports within an application that gathers all the odds into one place. There’s no longer any need to browse through pages of props when you use the Bovada builder app.

For now, team and player statistics are what most of the props in the builder are based on, but there is potential to expand the categories in the future. A parlay calculator is a part of the application for the easy creation of combination bets so give it a test run and watch the payout potentials climb.

Summary Of Bovada’s Online Sportsbook

Bovada’s 10+ years in the online sports betting game is evident in all aspects of their operation, from streamlined signup, quick and secure financial transactions, and providing the lines and odds that US-based gamblers want the most.

Do we place all of our online sports bets with Bovada.LV? No, but they are always the first stop when we’re shopping the lines, and more often than not, we lay our action at Bovada.

They don’t pressure their members, either. If you want to accept a Bovada bonus offer and take part in their rewards points program, you can do so within minutes. If you simply want to deposit USD and only make a wager every so often, Bovada is perfect for that scenario as well.

We invite readers to click on any “bet now” button on this page to check out Bovada Sportsbook for themselves.

Bovada Sportsbook FAQs

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