Online NFL Betting Guide For Under 21 Players

NFL Football odds dominate the action at domestic and international sportsbooks, but there are not many state-regulated options for bettors that have yet to reach the age of 21. That’s not the case when venturing offshore via the Internet on computers and mobile devices, and this under 21 guide to betting on NFL odds is the perfect playbook for 18+ gamblers to learn the ropes.

Read on as we reveal the absolute best under 21 online football sportsbooks that accept wagers from under 21 customers looking to lay some action on NFL betting odds. We also discuss what the NFL odds mean, and describe the types of bets that 20 & under patrons can expect to find when perusing game lines.

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Best NFL Betting Sites For 2023

Offering NFL Odds And Betting Lines For 18+ And Up

Sports SiteBonusRatingMin AgeUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $7504.8 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
2BetUS brand image125% up to $3,1254.7 18+GreenPlay Now Read Review
3MyBookie Sportsbook50% up to $1,0004.7 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review
4BetOnline Sportsbook & Casino50% Max $1,0004.5 18+Green Check Play Now Read Review
5Xbet Sportsbook100% up to $5004.5 21+Green Check Play Now Read Review

Is It Legal To Bet On NFL Games If You Are Under The Age Of 21 In The US?

Yes, there are no laws that specifically prohibit American players from placing bets with offshore sites!

Where Can I Bet On NFL Football Odds At 18, 19, Or 20 Years Old

21 & under NFL bettors can wager on pro football games or College Football odds at offshore sportsbook sites in every state outside of WA. International NFL betting sites are able to accept bets from 18+ customers over the net because federal and state laws do not prevent them from doing business.

Domestic, regulated NFL betting is available at in-person, online, and mobile sportsbooks in some US states, but a large majority of these options require patrons to be over the age of 21 to partake.

How To Interpret NFL Betting Odds And Understanding The Different Types Of Wagers Available

Before the NFL betting picks can commence at online sportsbooks that cater to 20 and under customers, registration and a bankroll deposit are required. Creating an account is no problem – just click the join button at the top of any of our recommended 18 & over online sports gambling sites and enter the membership details.

Wagering on NFL betting odds requires money in your bankroll, and we detail the funding options and bonus offers that are available at our best football betting sites for under twenty-one in sections below.

NFL Bet Types

When seeking out lines for betting on NFL games at less than 21 years old, the top-rated online sportsbooks featured in the table above will include odds for every contest occurring during the regular season and the playoffs.

Each game line will consist of a point spread, money line winner odds, and the over-under. Below is an example of a typical NFL betting line.

Miami Dolphins (+4.0) @ Dallas Cowboys (-4.0)

  • Money Line: Miami +130, Dallas -125
  • Over-Under: 44.5

Using the above NFL game line as a reference, the spread is set at 4 points with Dallas favored because they are listed in the negative. If oddsmakers determined that the odds of either team winning were the same, the point spread would be listed as EVEN, meaning it is basically a straight-up winner bet.

The point spread requires the winner to win by more than, or the loser to lose by less than the amount predicted in order to cover.

The NFL money line also features the Cowboys as the favored team as they have the lower odds. Money lines allow to bet on the team that will win the game outright, and the odds convert to each team’s overall chances of winning the game.

Wagers if $1 on Miami will pay out at $1.30, while bets of $1.25 on Dallas will be required to earn $1.

The over-under is simply the predicted total combined points by both teams, and bets can be placed on the final tally being over or under the line.

NFL MVP odds

One popular football prop bet that remains on the board for a majority of the Season are futures odds for the eventual NFL MVP. The Most Valuable Player of the year is most often awarded to the quarterback position, but a savvy wager placed on a non-QB is sure to garner a massive pay day on any given year.

NFL Live Odds

Live betting lets under 21 NFL fans wager in-game while the clock is running. The money line, point spread, and over-under will update as on-field developments occur, so bettors can take advantage of live NFL odds if they aren’t so confident pre-game, or just simply don’t have the time to place the bet before kickoff.

Under 21 customers can even lay some action on live Super Bowl betting lines while using their handheld mobile devices, and they’ve also made available their premium casino games and online 18+ poker tables as well.

Additional Types Of NFL Betting Odds

NFL futures odds combine divisions, conferences, or all of the teams in the league into one betting line and ask gamblers to choose the one that will finish in first place. These odds are available to bet on throughout the season and are often on the boards during the off months as well.

NFL prop bets can cover any aspect of the game that is not included in the above categories and are only limited by the confines of the TV broadcast. Literally, anything with a yes or no outcome can be included in National Football League prop bets.

Combination bets such as parlays, teasers, and pleasers are also an option at NFL sportsbook sites that serve the 20 and under crowd. The more bets that are included in the grouping, the higher the odds and payouts climb, but all aspects of the combo must succeed or the entire wager will fail.

Betting On The NFL Playoffs In 2023

Once the 17-game NFL regular season ends, the top 14 teams enter a playoff bracket that culminates with the Super Bowl. 18 and up betting on NFL Playoff games will feature standard game lines with point-spreads, money line odds, and over-under totals, but additional NFL prop bets will be produced for postseason matchups.

There will also be futures odds that will organize each team by conference or division. These NFL futures bets allow 20-and-under gamblers to select the team they believe with finish first among the franchises listed.

Betting On Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl betting odds are the most wagered upon of any single game each year, and that standard is not expected to change anytime soon. 18+ betting on the Super Bowl is incredibly popular and is driven by the massive television ratings the game receives.

More Super Bowl prop bets are created than for any other single sporting event, with action cashing in nearly every second of the broadcast. Bets can be made on the National Anthem, the halftime show, player or team stats, or whether a fan runs onto the field of play during regulation.

Popular Sportsbook Banking Options Available In 2023

The top online sportsbooks for 18-to-20-year old’s gear toward a younger demographic by accepting cryptocurrency as a form of deposit and withdrawal. In fact, the fastest 18+ sportsbook deposit and payout method is always cryptocurrency, so we advise strongly considering opting for one of the following forms accepted at under 21 NFL betting sites.

  • Bitcoin sportsbook deposits
  • Bitcoin Cash sportsbook deposits
  • Ethereum sportsbook deposits
  • Ripple sportsbook deposits
  • Tether sportsbook deposits
  • Stellar sportsbook deposits
  • Litecoin sportsbook deposits
  • Cardano sportsbook deposits

If you’re not interested in taking advantage of Bitcoin’s sub-24-hour withdrawal times, then there are several US Dollar options accepted as well.

The only methods for withdrawal at the top online gambling sites we recommend for 18 and over bettors are wire transfers, vouchers, Cashier’s Checks, and cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, we strongly recommend depositing and withdrawing with BTC or other forms of crypto because they are the only same-day option for raking in your winnings.

Live NFL Betting During The Games

PCs and laptops are no longer the prime focus of NFL betting or 18+ college football betting sites because so many 18-to-20 aged gamblers utilize smartphones and tablets to wager on pro football. The NFL sportsbooks we recommend for 18-and-up allow for access to their entire site via iPhones, iPads, and Android portable devices using mobile browsers, and do not require downloading an application.

Because these under 21 mobile betting apps are web-based, football odds can be accessed quickly and wagers can be submitted as swiftly as if you were at the betting window yourself, from just about anywhere in the country.

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Bonuses And Why Smart Players Use Them

Before you make your NFL best bets, consider accepting a deposit bonus to supplement your online bankroll. Each sub-21 NFL sportsbook site has their own exclusive offer, but each one will match a percentage of your deposit with totals that can exceed $1,000 or more.

Taking advantage of welcome bonus offers and promotions makes a lot of sense to sports gamblers. It boosts your bankroll and allows you to place additional bets on their dime.

There is no requirement to take a bonus offer from an online sports betting site catering to a 20 and under audience, so be sure to read through the terms to make certain you can complete them prior to accepting.