Cash App Gambling Guide For Under 21 Players

Popular P2P apps have only recently become viable options for online bet funding. However, site support is currently the big bottleneck for players, and only one P2P platform – Cash App – can be used with every legit online gambling site. Unlike other options, under-21 online gambling with Cash App allows you to make every kind of P2P/eWallet Internet gaming deposit. There are very few limitations, and everything just works.

To learn how to use the Cash App deposit method to gamble legally and safely at just 18 and up, our brief guide explains every available option in detail and offers advice on the best Cash App gambling tips and tricks. If you really want to cash in and cash out when you bet online, Cash App is money in the bank!

Best Online Cash App Gambling Sites For 2024

Accepting 18+ or 21+ Players

Casino SiteBonusRatingUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada Casino100% up to $3,0004.8 Green Check Play Now Read Review Logo200% up to $5,0004.6 Green Check Play Now
3Cafe Casino500% up to $3,0004.5 Green Check Play Now

Sports SiteBonusRatingUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $7504.8 Green Check Play Now Read Review

Poker SiteBonusRatingUSAVIsit/Review
1Bovada100% up to $5004.8 Green Check Play Now

Under-21 Cash App Gambling Explained – Understanding Cash App Deposit Options In 2024

If you’re a Cash App user, there are three distinct ways you can use the service to fund your online gambling experience at the best 18+ betting sites: Bitcoin (BTC), vouchers, and MatchPay.

If you want the most flexibility, the Cash App-Bitcoin gambling option is tops. But if you’re crypto-averse – or if you just want to use your Cash App-linked credit/debit card to handle your betting banking, you can do that at the more limited number of sites that support Cash App gambling vouchers and MatchPay transactions.

The following sections go into greater detail about the many different ways you can use Cash App to bet online safely and claim legal online gambling withdrawals at the highest-rated under-21 gambling sites in the business.

Cash App – launched on October 15, 2013, by Square, Inc. (now Block, Inc.) – is a person-to-person (or P2P) instant payment app that allows users to send cash to one another privately, discreetly, and quickly. The platform was initially called “Square Cash,” but the name was changed to Cash App soon after launch.

Cash App lets users identify themselves via unique $cashtag handles, and the service supports Bitcoin trading, stock trading, and more. (If the Cash App $cashtag reminds you of the Twitter #hashtag, that’s because both platforms were cofounded by the same guy: Jack Dorsey).

As of 2022, Cash App has over 70 million active users, making it about as big as rival P2P app Venmo in terms of market share. It’s also the only notable P2P payment app that allows users as young as 13 to join (though under-18 Cash App accounts require parental authorization and cannot be used to buy/sell Bitcoin or stocks).

Cash App works just like rival P2P payment platforms PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. However, when it comes to funding online mobile gambling accounts for players under 21 years old, Cash App betting is actually a better option than any other P2P gambling method. This is because Cash App lets you deposit and withdraw your legal gambling funds in three different ways: via Bitcoin, online gambling vouchers, and MatchPay.

While PayPal and Venmo allow users to purchase BTC, that BTC cannot be sent to off-platform wallets such as those used by under-21 gambling venues. Meanwhile, Zelle also gives users a way to buy and bet with Bitcoin, but this requires a lot more legwork, as you must use Zelle with a private BTC exchange and work with a dedicated BTC wallet. With Cash App, you can buy BTC right inside the app itself and then send your BTC to any legit online gambling site immediately.

Cash App is currently only available in the US and UK markets, and it cannot be used to directly make offshore gambling deposits with linked bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards.

All the top under-21 online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms allow you to fund your account and claim payouts using Bitcoin. For most players, cryptocurrencies like BTC are the best options because they offer 100% deposit success rates, come with the highest online gambling bonuses, and allow access to guaranteed same-day payouts.

That said, it’s important to note that Cash App only works with Bitcoin. That is, no other popular crypto gambling options – such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Solana, etc. – are supported.

Still, this is much better than other P2P apps offer, as PayPal et al. allow for on-platform Bitcoin trading but don’t let users send their BTC to external wallets. As such, Cash App is the only P2P solution that lets you directly fund any legitimate offshore gambling account with BTC.

Under-21 online gambling vouchers are used by several of the best-reviewed betting venues and allow players to make deposits and claim withdrawals using otherwise off-limits P2P or e-Wallet instant-pay platforms.

Using Cash App with betting vouchers is a clever workaround that effectively lets Cash App users coordinate with other Cash App users among their betting site’s membership base to fund their accounts and receive withdrawals.

Let’s say you want to make a deposit using a CashApp private transfer. Since you can’t move credit-/debit-/bank-linked Cash App funds to your site of choice directly, you simply look for a fellow member who has posted a voucher code for sale. Then you contact them, buy their code with a private Cash App transaction, and deposit that code at the site cashier to move their account balance to your account balance. This way, buyers deposit funds and sellers withdraw funds using Cash App.

The only real drawback with Cash App gambling deposits and payouts of this sort is that they aren’t always guaranteed to go through immediately. Because these transfers require coordination between members, CashApp gambling voucher deposits and withdrawals can take 1-3 days, with same-day transactions occurring only 50-60% of the time.

MatchPay gambling deposits and payouts are currently supported exclusively by Bovada LV. While we hope other top-tier online betting venues get with the program in the future, Bovada’s the only game in town for now.

In effect, MatchPay works just like the online gambling vouchers explained in the previous section. However, the service actually takes away all the added steps by automating the member-matching process. With MatchPay, you don’t have to hunt down voucher codes for sale to make a deposit or post them to make a withdrawal. You simply enter in the amount of money you wish to move into or out of your account, and MatchPay does the rest.

MatchPay Cash App gambling transaction times are still not guaranteed for same-day deposits or withdrawals, but we’ve found that we get same-day transfers about 40-50% more often with MatchPay than we do with Cash App betting vouchers.

Disclaimer: MatchPay is a third-party platform that allows site members of various online services or retailers to buy and sell account balances between one another. MatchPay is not associated with and does not support under-21 online gambling in any way. 

With Cash App, casino deposits can be made via under-21 online casino vouchers, the third-party MatchPay plugin (Bovada only), and Bitcoin.

Since BTC deposits are accepted at all the best 18+ casino sites – and since Cash App is the only major P2P app that lets members buy and send their Bitcoin to any BTC wallet address – it's the only player in the game that truly supports crypto gambling.

And while Cash App only supports BTC and no other crypto coins as of 2022, that is likely to change in the future – which will only make Cash App casino gambling even more compelling.

Sports bettors tend to wager regularly during their favorite sporting seasons, with most leagues holding games nearly every day while other sports field games just once a week or so. Still, over the course of a full season, even casual sports bettors make hundreds – if not thousands – of wagers.

With Cash App, those bets can be funded with private P2P voucher or MatchPay transfers, or they can be funded with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. No other under-21 sports betting banking option is this versatile.

Regardless of how you bet sports online with Cash App, you’ll be able to get your money into your account in just 2-3 hours with Bitcoin and 1-2 days with vouchers/MatchPay.   

Online poker is everyone’s favorite casual gambling game, but online poker is also everyone’s favorite serious gambling game.

As such, the pots at the legit under-21 poker sites we recommend boast modest stakes for starters and massive stakes for players who make it to the final tables, with grand prizes often in excess of six figures!

Cash App lets you fund your online 18+ poker account with poker/betting vouchers, the MatchPay service (Bovada only), and Bitcoin cryptocurrency options. Out of the “Big Four” P2P apps, when it comes to online gambling, Cash App takes the pot!

How To Use Cashapp To Deposit Into Online Gambling Sites In 2024

If everything seems a bit unclear or overwhelming at the moment, don’t worry. Cash App is extremely simple to use for online gambling once you read through the process. Trust us, everything should click pretty soon if it hasn’t already. Just finish glancing over the next few sections, and you’ll know exactly how to use Cash App to bet online like a pro.

There are three ways you can make Cash App betting deposits at the sites listed here. The first way – which is what we recommend for most gamblers aged 18 and up – is to use Cash App to buy Bitcoin and then send that BTC directly your site of choice.

The process for this requires you to download Cash App, verify your Cash App account, and then buy Bitcoin with Cash App. After you receive your Bitcoin in your Cash App BTC wallet, the procedure for making BTC deposits can be found in our under-21 Bitcoin gambling guide. This works at every legit 18+ online casino, sportsbook, and poker site that serves US residents.

The other ways to use Cash App are more limited, as these involve using online betting vouchers or the third-party MatchPay service. As of 2022, voucher support is available at Bovada, Café Casino, and Slots LV, while MatchPay support is currently limited to Bovada only.

To use either option, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head over to your favorite online under-21 betting site by following any link on this page.
  2. Enter in all required personal information as requested, taking care to use only real, verifiable info.
  3. For Cash App betting voucher deposits: Finish registering your free gambling account and head over to your site’s community forum or member message board. Find an online gambling voucher code for sale in a suitable value and that advertises Cash App support. Contact the seller, arrange the sale, and Cash App your money to the seller. Once your seller receives the transfer, they’ll send you your voucher code via messenger app, text, email, etc. Take this to the site cashier, select the voucher deposit option, and paste in the code. We recommend that you also choose an optional online gambling bonus at this time. Cash App voucher deposits are credited instantly and come with no added fees.
  4. For Cash App betting MatchPay deposits (Bovada only): Head over to Bovada by following any link here, and sign up for your free Bovada account. Select the MatchPay option from the deposit menu. A new window will open, asking you to enroll in the free MatchPay service. Verify your credentials, link your Cash App account to your MatchPay Trader account, and enter in the amount of money you’d like to move into your gambling bankroll. You can also choose a betting bonus at this time (optional). MatchPay will “match” you with a fellow site member looking to claim a MatchPay payout for their account balance, and that balance will be transferred into your account automatically. Cash App MatchPay deposits are credited instantly and come with no added fees.

Cash App betting payouts work the same way as deposits, only in reverse. This is true for any Cash App gambling banking option you choose.

If you wish to pull your money out in Bitcoin – which is what we always recommend thanks to the higher payout limits and same-day guarantees – simply choose the Bitcoin withdrawal option from your site cashier, enter in the amount of money you want to pull out, plug in your Cash App Bitcoin receiving address, and submit the form.

For Cash App gambling voucher and MatchPay payouts at participating sites, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Visit your site’s cashier page and choose the voucher or MatchPay withdrawal option.
  2. For Cash App betting voucher payouts: Enter in the amount of your account balance you’d like to pull out and submit the request. The cashier will send your voucher code to your site-linked email address. After receipt, post your voucher code for sale by making an ad on your site’s community page or member forum. Make sure to include the value of the voucher and the fact that you accept Cash App. Once a buyer contacts you and Cash Apps the money over, release the voucher code to them immediately. Your site has strict rules mandating the timely release of voucher codes to buyers. Cash App voucher payouts come with no added fees.
  3. For Cash App betting MatchPay payouts: Sign up for the MatchPay service if you haven’t already (see previous section). Once you’re a MatchPay Trader, enter in the amount of your account balance you wish to claim and submit the request. MatchPay will look for a fellow site member who wants to make a MatchPay deposit in the amount of your MatchPay payout, and once that member is found, the transfer will go through automatically. Just approve the transaction using your Cash App app (you’ll get a notification), and that’s all there is to it. Cash App MatchPay payouts come with no added fees.

Note: No matter which under-21 gambling site you choose, you can claim payouts in any method supported by your site. The method of initial deposit no longer limits which online betting withdrawal options are available to you.

All the best gambling sites for players under 21 years of age have valuable deposit bonuses to choose from. The biggest bonuses are usually reserved for new site members, though returning members have plenty of promotions and reload promos to choose from, as well.

As a rule – and this applies to all legit 18+ betting sites – Bitcoin/crypto bonuses come with more free plays and more free spins than a voucher or MatchPay bonuses.

Regardless, all under-21 online gambling promos offered by reputable sites like those featured here have fair, attainable playthrough requirements, so you can always feel confident accepting these gambling bonuses.

  • Bet with Cash App using vouchers/MatchPay for STANDARD GAMBLING PROMOS
  • Bet with Cash App using Bitcoin crypto for ENHANCED GAMBLING PROMOS

CashApp online betting bonuses are market-specific and should be chosen based on which kind of online gambling you prefer.

For those interested mostly in Cash App casino gambling, under-21 online casino bonuses should be chosen. For those who wish to participate in Cash App sports betting on a daily basis, under-21 online sports betting bonuses are the best choice. And for all the bona fide Cash App poker sharps out there, under-21 online poker bonuses are the best deal.

Because crypto bonuses are always worth 2X-3X more than standard deposit promos at the top-rated 18-and-over online gambling sites, we always recommend using Bitcoin with Cash App over vouchers or MatchPay. Of course, if you’re at all hesitant about using crypto to bet online, these other options are perfectly acceptable.

Cash App Limits, Speed And Fees For Gambling Deposits In 2024

Like all popular P2P money-sending apps, Cash App charges fees depending on how you use the service.

For private transactions using a Cash App-linked credit card, you’ll usually have to pay a 3% fee. Private transactions that use Cash App-linked debit cards or your bank account incur no extra fees. This is how we recommend using the service for voucher and MatchPay deposits.

Native Fees Imposed By CashApp

As for CashApp Bitcoin trades (i.e. buying/selling/sending/receiving BTC), the company may charge a fee of around 1.5-2%. However, as of late 2021, we’ve noticed that Cash App BTC transactions are usually fee free, so BTC users will only be on the hook for the standard Bitcoin blockchain fees.

Fees And Limits Imposed By The Gambling Sites

The following Cash App gambling limits are what you can expect to find on the gambling operator side of the equation:

  • Cash App Gambling Deposit Limits (Bitcoin): 60-120 minutes*, $5000-$10,000, no added fees
  • Cash App Gambling Deposit Limits (Vouchers, MatchPay): 1-3 days, $1000-$15,000, no added fees
  • Cash App Gambling Withdrawal Limits (Bitcoin): 2-3 hours, no max, no added fees
  • Cash App Gambling Withdrawal Limits (Vouchers, MatchPay): 1-3 days, $1000-$15,000, no added fees

*Bitcoin deposits typically take 30-60 minutes once you already have your Bitcoin ready to send from your CashApp Bitcoin wallet. The above time represents how long it will take to both buy BTC with Cash App and then transfer that BTC to your online under-21 gambling site of choice.

Alternatives To Cash App That Might Be Better Suited For Online Gambling

Cash App isn’t the only P2P app you can use to legally move money into and out of your online gambling site. That said, Cash App betting is the most flexible and accessible option because it supports Bitcoin gambling deposits and withdrawals on top of vouchers and MatchPay.

As of 2022, no other P2P app or eWallet solution allows for this. Nevertheless, if you don’t use Cash App and don’t wish to sign up for it, the following instant-pay platforms also work with sites that support gambling vouchers and the MatchPay service. Use these for:

  • 18+ PayPal Gambling
  • 18+ Venmo Gambling
  • 18+ Zelle Gambling / Zelle Pay Gambling
  • 18+ Apple Pay Gambling / Apple Cash Gambling
  • 18+ Google Pay Gambling / G Pay Gambling
  • 18+ Samsung Pay Gambling

***DISCLAIMER: Cash App is a third-party P2P payment app and eWallet platform that can be used to fund legal 21+ online gambling accounts via player to player transactions. This website is neither a partner of nor endorsed by Cash App in any way.